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Neill Whitlock


After graduating from Guilford College in North Carolina, Neill did “alternative service” at General Memorial Hospital in Denver during the Vietnam War. From Colorado, Neill ventured to Massachusetts, where he took a summer job lobster fishing.

Working for $20 a week and free lobster, Neill  studied and documented the decline of coastal fishing villages along the Northeastern shoreline. With his first photo essay under his belt, he moved to Los Angeles. There, he studied at the Art Center College of Design, then launched his first studio on Melrose Ave.

Frustrated by the fact that it was impossible to get decent Tex-Mex food in California, Neill opted to relocate his business to Dallas where he joined The Photographers Inc. After a few years he went to work renovating a historic building. It burned down. He re-built it. He started shooting. It was all good.

A few years later, Neill started playing with computers. He discovered that they were a powerful and versatile tool that could complement his old-school sense of craftsmanship. Since then, he has seamlessly incorporated his retouching skills into his advertising  work.

Today, Neill continues to shoot a wide range of personal work. When he’s not doing that, he’s spending time in the great outdoors—looking for good Tex-Mex.